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Week 3 / Lockhart Meet Information

Bulldawg Nation, we have had a great two weeks so far! I cannot describe how excited I am for the rest of the season!!

Some important information about this next week —

School starts on Monday and we have our first official meet Saturday at Lockhart. We will not practice the first day of school, but we do ask that our runners do a workout on their own either before or after school. The rest of the practice schedule and meet information can be found in the link below.

Bowie XC Week 3 Schedule – Sheet1 (1)


This past week we had our time trials. The runners ran a two mile course after a hard week of working out. After looking at those times and taking into account effort, experience, and general ability the coaches put together the rosters below. In the rosters you can also found the time trial times from this past Friday. Whichever roster runners are on will determine which race they race in this Saturday.

Bowie XC Lockhart Entries – Sheet1 (3)