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Boys and Girls Track Schedule for 2019

Practice for Track will begin on January 22nd (The day after MLK day). We are attempting to be as flexible as possible for practice and will be offering practice opportunities before school and after school. The expectation is athletes attend at least one practice a day and communicate beforehand which practice they will attending. More details about practice options will be communicated over the next couple of weeks.


If you are playing another winter/spring sport that is great!!! Play that sport and don’t miss any practices or games. However, come talk to the track coaches and we will work out a plan to get you to some practices, develop adjusted workouts to prevent injury or overuse, and figure out which meets you can make. The District Meet which is the only one that matters when qualifying for regionals is Tuesday/Wednesday April 2-3. Meaning there is rarely a conflict with other sports for the district meet so even if your participation during the rest of the season is limited a little investment can still be worth your while.

Below is the boys and girls schedule.

Bowie Boys Track 2019 Updated